First Editorial (May 1979) – The Journal of Odisha Orthopaedic Association

Vol 01 | January 2020 | page: 2 | RCM

Authors: RCM [1]

[1] Department of Orthopaedics, Odisha, India

Address of Correspondence

Dr. RCM,

The first born is always the most loved one. It represents the hope and aspiration for the future. So also, the first volume of the journal of Orissa Orthopaedic Association, which is born today. It represents the long-cherished desire of all of us to start a forum, where the work of the orthopaedic surgeons of the state can be put forth and the topics discussed. Orthopaedic surgery is making great stride all over the world. From replacement to immune response, the problems are numerous, there scope vast. We in Orissa are doing our best and must keep pace with the scientific development in India and abroad. It is said that even if you are in the right track you will get run over if you just seat there.
Accidents, diseases, and deformities which constitute our speciality is an ever-increasing problem of the society. Orthopaedics in Orissa is comparatively new but thanks to the sincerity and ability of the orthopaedic surgeons of the state. It has established itself and commanding respect. Now the time has come when we must look to the future and move forward with new ideas so that the younger surgeons will carry on the tradition that is being created. This journal is one of the steps to lead us in the direction in this context, if we look back to the beginning of that great pioneering journal, the JBJS it will be seen that after the war the pioneer surgeon foresaw the vast explosion of orthopaedic surgery that was certain to occur. They had long been acquainted to communicate by correspondence, but the theatre of war had introduced them to personal confrontation, and they felt the need to communicate more and more. This desire led to the beginning of JBJS first in USA and then in UK.
The future of orthopaedics lies in the development of research and its application. The young surgeons of today must be encouraged to conduct research. They must be guided to pursue new ideas so that the science of Orthopaedics in the state is enriched. This is where the journal has an important role to play. It will provide ample scope to all of us to look at each other’s work. Evaluate and then us all pray to the health and prosperity of this new infant, that is born today.

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